Extractor hoods

There are 3 models of extractor hoods:

  • Decorative: usually used in medium/large kitchens, and are part of the room’s own decoration. The most common ones are the stainless steel ones, but there are many combinations of black, white or chrome and glass. Depending on the installation, they can be glued to the wall or hung from the ceiling, for kitchens with an island as a working area.
  • Conventional: they are the extensible ones, and they are embedded in a piece of furniture. They are the most appropriate for small kitchens, as we can not waste the hole left by the hood tube. They generally have less power than decorative ones, and are more economical than decorative ones.
  • Filter units: these are the so-called “built-in” extractor hoods, which can be made to measure.

When choosing a hood, compare the extraction capacity and noise level of each one of the models. The price will vary, but the efficiency will be greater in the better prepared models.

One piece of advice: to make the most of the extraction and odour filtering capacity of an extractor hood, turn the appliance on at the same time as the hob, so that the hood works throughout the cooking process. Always keep the filters clean. You can use the dishwasher.